ViewSonic's Elite XG321UG Mini LED Gaming Monitor Gets So Bright The Sun Is Jealous

ViewSonic Elite XG321UG Monitor
Your monitor might be bright, but if it's not utilizing mini LED technology, it probably doesn't hit the same eye-searing level as ViewSonic's new Elite XG321UG. It's one of a deluge of mini LED displays announced during CES week, and gamers are in for a treat if this sort of thing becomes both commonplace and relatively affordable.

Mini LED technology is just like it sounds—it leverages much smaller LEDs than what you find in a traditional LED monitor, allowing manufacturers to cram thousands of them into a panel to hit extremely high brightness levels. As it applies to the XG321UG, ViewSonic rates the peak brightness at a delightful 1,400 nits.

ViewSonic Elite XG321UG Front And Back
Assuming the panel is up to the task, this can help colors pop. It's also a boon for HDR content on an LCD screen, and this particular model is DisplayHDR 1400 certified.

It's not just about peak brightness, though. The other benefit of having so many tiny LEDs underneath the hood is tighter control over which parts of the screen need illuminated, via full array local dimming (FALD). The Elite XG321UG features a generous 1,152 independently controlled zones. Having more LEDs and zones to work with potentially means less of that unwanted halo effect, otherwise known as blooming.

Mini LED lighting aside, the Elite XG321UG maintains its premium status with a 32-inch IPS screen that is pre-calibrated at the factor to Delta E<2 and has a 4K resolution, fast 144Hz refresh rate, low 3ms response time (gray-to-gray), and support for both NVIDIA G-Sync (G-Sync Ultimate) and Reflex.

Summed, up, it's capable of fast and smooth gaming, and crank out bright 4K visuals in HDR. Naturally you'll need a burly GPU to take full advantage of the the display's capabilities, but if you have the hardware, this looks like a a great complement. At least on paper—we have not seen it in person.

There are some other amenities as well. Such as RGB lighting, a stand that facilitates cable management (and has a metal base), a built-in mouse anchor, and a headphone hook. As for inputs, you're looking at three HDMI 2.0 ports, a DisplayPort, three downstream USB 3.2 Type-A ports, and a 3.5mm audio jack.

ViewSonic says the Elite XG321UG will be available sometimes this quarter. No word yet on pricing.