Viber Allows 3G VoIP Calls For Free On iPhone (Soon On Android)

VoIP mobile applications have been around for nearly as long as app stores have existed, and Skype alone has seemingly taken over that industry. But there are other options out there, like Fring. Today, another new alternative has come to light, and it may be the most powerful and attractive of all. The app is called Viber, and while it's iOS only for now (made for iPhones), an Android version is coming soon. This VoIP app, unlike many, is designed to work either over 3G or Wi-Fi; most cannot make calls over 3G.

The other great thing about Viber is how it integrates with your phone. In the Skype app, you have to sign up and create a separate contact list from those in your standard address book. Viber just looks at your existing address book and pulls from there; you can also leave the app running in the background so you never miss a Viber call, and you'll be notified of missed calls if your phone was turned off momentarily.

The app puts a "Viber" icon beside the names of your contacts who have Viber installed, and within the app itself you can initiate a Viber call or a standard cell call. The app is totally free, and a free SMS system add-on should be coming soon. This could definitely help curb voice minute usage if your friends generally use iPhones, but again, since an Android version is coming soon, tons of smartphones will be covered in the near future.

Free Your Calls with Viber

This iPhone app lets you call family and friends for free no matter where they are in the world.

New York City, NY – December 2, 2010 – Forget "using up minutes" and paying for long-distance calls. Thanks to the worldwide launch of Viber, you can now call anyone in the world for free!

Viber uses the latest in VoIP technology to offer completely free calling with superior sound quality. Better yet, you can dial phone numbers directly without having to register a username or add friends to a contact list! Once you and your friends have the app installed, you can call each other for free directly from your 3G- or Wi-Fi-enabled phones. Click here to watch Viber's promo video.

Despite debuting with a limited "friends and family test" on the Israeli App Store on November 10, Viber took only 16 days to become the most-downloaded app in Israel. Out of 400,000 iPhones in Israel, 6,000 people are downloading it to their iPhones each day, Viber is now the #1 app in the Israeli App Store with a four out of five stars rating.

Viber is totally free to download and has no hidden costs, in-app purchases or in-app ads. It's fully compatible with iOS 3.X and 4.X on the iPhone – partially supported by the iPad and iPod Touch – and is coming soon to Android, Blackberry and Symbian operating systems.

Unlike other popular VoIP apps, Viber isn't a battery hog; you can leave the app running all day without it draining your battery or heating up your iPhone. It also offers Bluetooth support so you can switch in and out of Bluetooth at any time with your headset. And to top it all off, upcoming features include free text messaging, custom ringtones, wallpapers and location-based services.

Breaking the VoIP Barrier

Thanks to the massive growth of smartphones with wireless connectivity, Viber is poised to revolutionize the way we make mobile calls. People can save bundles of money by migrating from expensive voice/data/text plans to cheap data-only plans, while still enjoying the mobility and versatility of their mobile devices.

Viber overcomes the biggest barrier to using VoIP on your mobile device – it's modeled after an actual phone rather than an instant messaging client. With Viber you can call ordinary numbers just like you would with a regular phone... the calls just happen to be free! Furthermore, a Viber icon indicates which of your contacts also have Viber, so you'll know whom you can call for free. Watch this video to see how Viber works.

Since there's no need to register, build a friends list and keep the app open to use it, you can even make free calls to people who aren't on your contact list. This means businesses can advertise themselves as having a "global toll-free number," letting their clients know "it's a free call with Viber".

No other app offers this game-changing combination of simplicity, versatility and totally free service between mobile phones. Simply, Viber is the most useful VoIP app to date.

Be among the first to download Viber from the Apple App Store – the sooner you tell your friends and family about it, the sooner you can start calling them for free! You can also find out about Viber updates on Facebook and Twitter.

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Viber Media was founded in 2010 by the same people who started iMesh, the world's longest-standing P2P client and the first to offer authorized file-sharing. Viber Media is now taking the digital revolution one step further by offering a free mobile VoIP service.
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