VIA Mobo, Opustek Case, GeForce 6800 vs x800 And A Few Other Items

Good evening my friends :)  Things around the HH labs have extremely hectic today.  With two of our key members on the "injured" list, and the rest busy pounding out the benchmarks, the office has been humming with activity.  Unfortunately, I can not say the same about the news front.  I tell yea; the warm weather arrives, and a news drought occurs ;)

VIA EPIA TC-10000 Mini-ITX 12V DC motherboard Review @

" The VIA EPIA TC-10000 is a uniquely practical little board. Ideal for custom PC mods that are tight on space or use it as a car mp3/divx player since all cars are based on 12V electrical system. The TC-10000 looses little functionality over standard ATX powered EPIA boards, and it does away for the need of a DC-DC adapter if you wished to use those boards. >From the results we can see that power requirements are quite low, and power consumption increases linearly with CPU utilisation."

Opustek TT-501 Case Review at XYZ Computing @ xyzcomputing

"One of the hottest segments of the computer industry, right now, is the production of small form factor enclosures and components. Miniature sized computers are steadily gaining in popularity as demand for and acceptance of them has sky-rocketed. We took a look at Opus Technologies' TT-501 Titanium Tiny Tower."

GeForce 6800 vs Radeon X800 in Image Quality and CPU Scaling @ PC Perspectives

"Looking at the $399 price-point, we see that there is considerable potential for overclocking the GeForce 6800 GT. This board offered faster performance and equivalent image quality to the Radeon X800 pro. Equipped with the same 16 pipelines seen on the flagship GeForce 6800 Ultra, there will be many who try and coax the additional 50MHz from the core and save themselves $100."

Winfast2000 XP TV Tuner Review @ Neoseeker

"Following the highs of the initial purchase and the excitement of opening up of the product, and the customary break in period the Leadfast Winfast TV 2000XP is really quite a fantastic TV tuner. It allows you to record in Mpeg 1, 2 and 4 as well as as an AVI file. It allows you to not only adjust the traditional brightness, hue and colour settings but also slight frequency changes that ensures a great picture quality. The picture quality is just that, great. I have seen many competitors tuner's and while some come close to the output I am getting on this tuner, I have yet to see one look better."

The Relationship Between Overclocking and Cooling Article @ PC Perspectives

"This is an article for overclockers which explores the age old question; "How does cooling affect Overclocking?" In an enthusiasts attempt to reach higher clock speeds, there will eventually come a time when the temperature of the processor, memory, or some other electrical component becomes the limiting factor. This is commonly known, of course, and is the prime reason why enthusiasts rarely if ever overclock with the stock heatsink AMD or Intel provide - it's simply not designed to handle the extra thermal load."

That is all for the moment friends.  If something good shows up, I will be back :) - Cheers

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