VIA K8T890 Pro, PCX5750, X800 Pro, DDR2 and More!

Hello everyone, JeffB stopping in for your afternoon news fix.  Today has been an insanely busy day for me and it's only 12 noon!  Between friends having computer problems, intermittent connectivity, and of course, reviews of hardware, I'm really juggling today.  Hopefully I will get through the day unscathed and can get a normal routine back this weekend.  As far as news goes, things are hopping with the latest Chipset release from VIA.  Let's take a look...

A number of sites, including HotHardware, have news on the VIA K8T890 Pro.  Here's the rundown so far:

VIA K8T890 - PCI Express For The Athlon 64 @ Feature: VIA's PCI Express plans for late 2004
VIA K8T890 PCI Express AMD Chipset Review @ AMDZone
VIA's K8T890 chipset @ The Tech Report
VIA K8T890 - PCI Express Reaches AMD @ PCPerspective

Triplett Fox 2 Hound 2 @ Phoronix:

"Earlier this week we had taken a look at several of Cable Organizer's products for diagnosing electrical issues, and this article will continue the same electrical theme with taking a look at the Triplett Fox 2 Hound 2."

Albatron GeForce PCX5750 @ Bjorn3D:

"PCI Express is a versatile I/O interconnect technology that will eventually completely replace existing PCI technology as well as the current video card interconnect - AGP. The key difference between PCI and PCI Express is that 'classic' PCI is a parallel bus architecture; whereas, PCI Express is a point-to-point serial I/O technology. It only takes a few numbers to see the advantage."

Gigabyte Radeon X800 Pro review @ HardwareZoom:

"Good news for Small Form factor owners, these cards are rather cool during their operations and the heatsink fan occupy only a single slot unlike the GeForce 6800Ultra that take up two slots. Since the fan speed varies according to the temperature of the core, most of the time the fan was spinning at low rpm. Although the fan is huge, it is still less noisy than the blower fan found in GeForce 6800Ultra. This fan will also light up in blue during operation, a visual treat for casing with windows."

Crucial Ballistix DDR2 PC2-5300 Review @ ClubOverclocker:

"Our friends at Crucial have sent over a pair of Ballistix DDR2 PC2-5300 for our testing pleasure. We've taken a look at Crucial's DDR PC4000 and it was some of the best memory we've ever seen, now let's make the jump to DDR2 and see what this stuff has to offer!"

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