VIA Expands Cooperation with Geekcorps

VIA Expands Cooperation with Geekcorps to Empower Remote Mali Communities

Unique, sustainable technology deployments, "Cybertigi" and desert community radio stations highlight VIA pc-1 benefits in harsh environments

Taipei, Taiwan, 27 February 2007 - VIA Technologies, Inc, a leading innovator and developer of silicon chip technologies and PC platform solutions, today announced its continued cooperation with international IT development group, Geekcorps, to empower thousands of people through the deployment of specialized, sustainable information and communication technology (ICT) in Mali, including "Cybertigi" mobile cyber service vendors and desert community radio stations.

Mali, the 4th poorest country in the world with an average annual income of just US$1,200, is home to nearly 12 million people, most in rural communities with 64% below the poverty line and 60% illiterate. Much of the country is desert, so temperatures of 45 degrees Celsius and dust pollution are common. The extreme poverty, scarcity of natural resources and poor communication between villages makes the region susceptible to conflict, so Geekcorps, in partnership with USAID, is approaching these problems with innovative technology solutions. READ MORE...

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