VIA Announces Major Mini-Note Design Win

VIA Announces Major Mini-Note Design Win for China

Tsinghua TongFang - Taipei, Taiwan, 2 September 2008 - VIA Technologies, Inc., a leading innovator of power efficient x86 processor platforms, today announced the S1 imini Mini-Note Series from Tsinghua TongFang, Co. Ltd., a leading PC OEM based in Beijing. Easy to carry and use, the S1 imini has a maximum power consumption of just 15W, and its distinctive, lightweight design makes it perfect for today's digital lifestyle.

Powered by the 1.6GHz VIA C7-M processor combined with the VIA VX700 chipset, and sporting a bright 10.2" screen, the S1 imini provides all the functionality of a standard notebook plus an array of special features, such as a business card manager, portable hard drive with battery pack, and digital photo frame or DVD playback functionality outside of the Vista environment. Add wireless connectivity and optional GPS navigation, and the S1 imini looks set to bring the allure of truly mobile computing to the Chinese market.

Introducing the S1 imini MiniNote Series, TongFang's Vice President and General Manager of their Computer Group, Mr. Li Jianhang said, "Mini-notes are in vogue, with an appeal that goes beyond being a 'second computer'. They have become a personality statement. The ability to integrate daily work and entertainment options with appearance and style takes the S1 out of the limitations of just functional computing. The imini Series is breaking new ground, bringing style and design customization to the Chinese consumer."

Available in white, blue, pink, gold or black from PC stores in all major cities across China, the S1 imini Mini-Note Series is TongFang's first entry in the ultra mobile market, and they chose to power their devices with the VIA C7-M processor due to VIA's long-standing reputation and experience in the design and development of ultra low power mobile platform solutions.

"VIA is very pleased to be working with Tsinghua TongFang to bring new, personalized ultra mobile products like the S1 imini to Chinese end-users," said Richard Brown, Vice President of Corporate Marketing for VIA Technologies, Inc., "Customers care more about performance-per-watt, ease of use and portability these days, and VIA's ultra mobile platforms are the perfect balance of low power and high performance."

VIA has been awarded over 40 design wins from companies throughout the world, based on its ultra mobile platform solutions. Their customers range from global brands such as HP, Packard Bell and Everex to leading national brands, such as Tsinghua TongFang, in China.

Tongfang S1 imini Mini-Note Series Specifications:

A video of the launch of the S1 imini is available below:

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