Vexed By Updates For Windows Server And VPN Bugs? Install These Emergency Microsoft Patches

microsoft windows server and vpn bugs
If you're a Windows Server admin you're surely already aware, but Microsoft's last monthly update was infested with a bevy of bugs. The patches, released on the 11th, were causing Windows domain controllers to boot loop, blocking Hyper-V initialization, disabling ReFS support, and breaking certain types of IPSEC connections.

The patches were so bad that some folks simply rolled back, but as Microsoft wads everything up in cumulative updates now, that means losing the security updates released in the last month, too. Regular desktop users don't have much to worry about on that front, but it's not a good look for server admins to be a month out of date on security patches.
inline windows l2tp error
L2TP-based VPN connections are just one of many things broken in this month's updates.

Well, the good news is that Microsoft has already issued patches for these issues. Some or all of the above problems affect every version of Windows that got the updates on the 11th, which apparently includes Windows Server 2008, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012, almost every version of Windows 10, Windows Server 2022, and of course Windows 11.

Microsoft has issued the updates as optional quality packages, so to install them, you'll have to either manually search for updates, or get them from the Microsoft Update Catalog. If you need the specific update KB numbers, you can head over to BleepingComputer, who has helpfully compiled a list of each update for every affected operating system.