Verizon Wireless Offers Subsidized Netbook

If you’ve been wanting to get your hands on a subsidized netbook, but would prefer Verizon Wireless over AT&T, you won’t have to wait any longer. Today, Verizon Wireless began offering the HP mini 1151NR for $199.99 with a 2-year mobile broadband agreement. The $199.99 price tag is after a $50 mail in rebate. We’ve known Verizon Wireless had plans to offer a subsidized netbook, but now the plans have become reality.

In the mobile phone industry, it’s common for U.S. wireless carriers to sell mobile phones at a discounted price. In exchange for a discounted phone, users must sign a service agreement that typically ranges from one to two years. The idea of subsidizing netbooks in a similar manner as phones are subsidized isn’t all that common in the U.S., but it looks like the practice may become more common in the days ahead. In Europe, it’s already common for wireless carriers to subsidize netbooks and notebooks.

The HP mini 1151NR netbook that is available through the Verizon Wireless offering runs Windows XP and offers an Intel Atom N270 CPU (1.6GHz). The mini 1151NR features a 10.1-inch screen, 1GB of RAM, 80GB hard drive, and SD/MMC card slot. This netbook measures 1 x 10.3 x 6.6 inches and weighs approximately 2.4 pounds. Of course, the mini 1151NR has a built-in EVDO Rev. A cellular modem. In addition, the netbook offers 802.11b/g WLAN and Bluetooth connectivity as well as a RJ-45 Ethernet port. 

On the HP mini 1151NR, you’ll find two USB 2.0 ports, a VGA out port, built-in Webcam, stereo speakers, an integrated microphone, and a combination headphone/microphone jack. The HP mini 1151NR netbook comes with a limited one year warranty.

Service plans to accompany the HP mini 1151NR start at $39.99 per month for 250 MB monthly allowance and 10 cents per megabyte overage. A $59.99 monthly access plan offers 5 GB monthly allowance and charges 5 cents per megabyte overage. Verizon Wireless’ Global Service is also an option thanks to the HP mini 1151NR’s embedded Qualcomm Gobi chipset. This chipset works to provide global broadband access on both CDMA and GSM networks in more than 175 destinations throughout the world. Verizon Wireless also offers its Mobile Broadband DayPass for $15 for 24-hour access when a mobile broadband capable device is purchased at full retail price without a service plan.