Verizon To Pummel Grandfathered Unlimited Data Plan Users With $20 Price Hike

Unlimited data plans are an endangered species in the wireless market. AT&T and Verizon Wireless no longer offer unlimited data plans to new customers, leaving just T-Mobile and Sprint which both still offer an all-you-can eat data buffet. But even Sprint is started to waver a bit, as it will raise the price of its all-inclusive unlimited calling/texting/plans from $60/month to $70/month starting October 16th.

Today, we’re learning that Verizon is looking to “entice” its grandfathered unlimited data customers to flock to its streamlined data packages which are offered in Small (1GB), Medium (3GB), Large (6GB), Extra Large (12GB) and Extra Extra Large (18GB) allotments. As a result, the company is increasing the price of the unlimited data add-on (which is in addition to your call/texting package) from $29.99 per month to $49.99 a month.

verizon plans

This price increase affects Verizon customers that are out of contract, and doesn’t apply to customers currently in a two-year service agreement. However, as soon as your contract is up and you start going with month-to-month service, the $49.99 pricing will come into play.

Verizon issued the following statement addressing the pricing change, which is scheduled to go into affect on November 15th:

As data use continues to grow, we continuously evaluate the price of our plans and service. This change will allow Verizon to continue to maintain the highest network performance for all our customers, while still providing great value for access to the nation’s reliable wireless service. That value is underpinned by our $100 billion+ network investment since 2000, which powers the reliability of a Verizon customer’s experience.

Verizon doesn’t expect that its move to increase prices will anger too many people; after all, customers with unlimited data plans represent less than one percent of its customers nationwide.

So for the stoic few that are still clinging on to unlimited data plans and are currently paying month-to-month, is a $20 price increase enough force you to consider Verizon’s metered plans, or are you willing to swallow the added costs to continue your furious data gorging?