Sprint Hikes Unlimited Data Plans To $70/Month Starting October 16th

Wireless carriers hate unlimited data plans with a passion. While they were a nice perk back in the days of the original iPhone when customers were stuck on slow EDGE (and later 3G) connections, carriers quickly found out that it could squeeze more from customers by selling them buckets of data instead. 

Verizon and AT&T no longer offer unlimited plans to new customers, leaving just T-Mobile and Sprint to carry on the unlimited torch. For those that were looking to signup for Sprint’s unlimited plan, you had better do so within the next two weeks before the company raises prices. The unlimited plan that currently costs customers $60/month will increase to $70/month starting October 16th.

Sprint Store

Once the 16th rolls around, new customers will be forced to pay the higher price; existing customers will still only pay $60 month for life (as long as they don’t switch plans).

“At Sprint, we give customers what they want – and they want the option of unlimited data,” said Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure. ”At $70 a month, Sprint still beats the competition. Rather than increase the price without warning, we want to give customers one last chance to take advantage of the $60 rate.”

As Claure points out, even with the $10 increase, Sprint’s unlimited plan is still $10 cheaper than T-Mobile’s competitive offerings.

Sprint’s unlimited data price hike also means that you don’t have much longer to take advantage of its $61/month iPhone 6s promotion. Customers who qualify will receive a 16GB iPhone 6s for $1 a month (in addition to the $60/month unlimited plan) as long as they turn in an iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus that has already been paid off in full. Customers can also choose to pickup a 16GB iPhone 6s Plus for $5/month ($65 including unlimited data) with trade-in.