Verizon Courts Millennials With Free, Ad-Supported ‘Go90’ Streaming TV Service

Verizon is reportedly getting ready to introduce a new live and on-demand streaming service for mobile devices called Go90. It will be an ad-supported subscription service that Verizon hopes will be popular among 18- to 34-year-olds -- so called millennials -- and will be available to all users, not just Verizon's own subscribers.

In fact, Verizon purposely chose a name for its service that doesn't make any reference to the Verizon brand. The reasoning behind that decision is that Verizon wants its service to appeal to a large audience as it looks to expand its mobile ad businesses.


As for targeting millennials, Marni M. Walden, president of product innovation and new business at Verizon, told The New York Times that "seventy percent of this group view on mobile first; that's an enormous opportunity."

The name Go90 is in reference to turning a mobile handset sideways (90 degrees), otherwise known as landscape mode, to watch videos. Verizon says the content for Go90 will include live events, prime time television, and original web series. Go90 won't include entire networks in its lineup, and instead will focus on popular shows from Comedy Central, ESPN, and so forth. It will also serve up NFL games and live concerts.

There will also be social media elements where users will be encouraged to share their experiences. The way Walden describes it, Go90 is like Hulu, Twitter, and Netflix all rolled into one.

Since it's supported by ads, Verizon is planning to offer Go90 at no cost.