Verizon Carpetbombs NYC With FiOS HD Channels

People dissatisfied with their local cable and satellite services often look longingly at Verizon's FiOS TV service as an alternative. The problem has been that you can't get the service in all that many places yet, and there's a hopscotch effect to the places you can get it. Some people even have Verizon FiOS for their Internet connection and can't get TV programming yet. Customers in New York City can now count themselves among the lucky people who can sign up for Verizon's TV over fiber-optic lines; Verizon is now offering the city's residents a hefty 100 hi-def channels to go along with 400 video-on-demand choices.

"There's HD on FiOS and then there's everything else," said Shawn Strickland, vice president of video solutions for Verizon.  "The immense capacity of our advanced network means FiOS TV customers receive HD signals just as Verizon receives them, without the additional compression that some cable companies perform.  This means stunning picture-and-sound quality that's noticeably better, delivered on the network that's made for HD."

With 100 HD channels and 400 HD VOD titles offered each month, FiOS TV customers in the New York metro area now have more than 500 HD choices available at any time.  The company plans to increase its monthly HD VOD titles to more than 1,000 by year-end.  In addition, Verizon will continue expanding its HD channel lineup and by year-end will offer all available major HD programming.

The hi-def video available on demand  through Verizon is just another reason you see Blockbuster video stores boarded up in so many local malls. Why spend five bucks on gas to go and get a disc with scratches all over it when you can press a button on your remote and use the gas money to rent it?

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