Verizon and Wal*Mart Team Up For DSL

Spanning over 500 stores across 24 states in the US, Wal*Mart's new program will help consumers get connected with Verizon's broadband DSL service. Wal*Mart's staff will be ready to handle sign-up procedures for costumers, and an easy to install DSL kit will be shipped soon after.

"Nearly 50 of the Wal-Mart stores will have Spanish-language sales materials to assist Spanish-speaking customers with their purchasing decisions. Verizon Online DSL is already offered in 10 Wal-Mart stores and will be in all of the 549 stores by the end of June."

Verizon's basic DSL service starts at $17.99 a month and offers 768K downstream and 128K upstream. Not a bad deal considering the same downstream speed costs $56 a month from my current cable provider.

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