Verbatim Intros Three 'Easy Riser' Travel Mice, All User-Adjustable

We know it's an easy joke, but really, could Verbatim not think of any other name for its new family of mice? We're no experts on product labeling, but "Easy Riser" probably wouldn't have been our top choice for a number of politically incorrect reasons. At any rate, the news here is that Verbatim has issued a new range of mousing devices, all of which are designed to travel well and work with Windows and Mac machines.

These ultra-slim mice boast a new design that enables users to adjust the height of the mouse with the flick of a switch. Why add that, you ask? According to the company, having the ability to raise or lower your mouse on-the-fly can make things more ergonomic when using it in various situations. When traveling, it's hard to maintain a level playing field, let along a level mousing surface. This helps you cope with the uncertainties of travel by giving your mouse the ability to react to whatever surface and height it gets put on.

Available in October, the Easy Riser product lineup includes a Nano Wireless Mouse ($34.99), a Bluetooth Wireless Mouse ($39.99 and a USB Retractable Wired Mouse ($19.99). All three models come with a sleek, silver and black enclosure that fits the hands of both lefties and righties, and there's even a way to program your scroll wheel to assign favorite features for "one-click" access.

Easy Riser Nano Wireless Mouse -- This sleek-looking mouse combines the reliability and performance of 2.4GHz wireless technology in a small, mobile form factor. It features a uniquely designed nano receiver that is small enough to leave connected to a laptop, or it can be stored in its own tiny compartment in the back of the mouse. Utilizing advanced laser sensor technology also provides users with superior cursor precision and control. The Easy Riser Nano Wireless Mouse comes with software for both Windows and Mac users.

When the Easy Riser Bluetooth Wireless Mouse combines with a Bluetooth-enabled computer, users can enjoy cord-free convenience. No receiver is necessary, so the USB port on the user’s notebook can be used for other devices. With this wireless mouse, users also have the reliability and performance of a Bluetooth connection to ensure there are no delayed cursor movements. Advanced laser sensor technology is included for superior cursor precision and control.

The Easy Riser USB Retractable Wired Mouse plugs into a computer USB port for true plug and play connectivity and adds enhanced mobility with an extra-long retractable cord. Tug on the cord and it disappears into the mouse. Featuring high-resolution optical technology, the mouse provides cursor precision and control.