Velocity Micro GE 1500, Biostar I945P-A7, Truly MP313X Player and More!

Velocity Micro Gamer's Edge 1500 Evaluation @ HardOCP:

"We chose the Gamer's Edge 1500 because yours truly is addicted to Battlefield 2 and can barely stand having only 1GB of memory (and 512MB is unthinkable). Therefore, we ordered the 1500 instead, and we did not change one part. I think that if Velocity Micro is going to put their best foot forward in their initial configuration, and bill it as the best value gaming configuration available for $1500, then we should test it exactly as it is configured."

Biostar I945P-A7 Motherboard Review @ Bjorn3D:

"The I945P-A7 is currently Biostar's sole Intel 945P-based motherboard. It only offers a little more than a standard 945P board, though. Biostar added an additional PCI Express slot that it calls PCI Extreme (PCI-EX). Unfortunately, it's not exactly the SLI goodness you get from other motherboards equipped with dual PCI Express x16 slots - it's not meant for gaming. However, using the two slots in tandem does require installing identical SLI-supporting NVIDIA-based video cards and drivers that support SLI and running it all under Windows XP. The PCI-EX slot operates as an x4 PCI Express slot, and the bridge connecting the two cards is required as it is with standard SLI. Basically, it seems to be a non-gamers SLI but on a mainboard featuring an Intel chipset."

Truly MP313X Color Display MP3 Player @

"Like my beautiful woman, the MP313X is striking, stunning, sexy, strong, alluring and meant for me. While she is perfect, the Pic n Roll, for a machine, certainly will fill that description for your multi-media needs."

Creative Zen Nano Plus @ PC Review:

"As good as Apple's iPod range is, I think most of us technically savvy types are well aware that when it comes to pure value for money, they have been lagging behind their competitors in the last year. Creative in particular have introduced the better 20GB MP3 player model in the form of the Zen Touch and Zen Sleek, and now want to push for a piece of the action when it comes to those who don't require that amount of storage. So here is the Creative Labs Zen Nano Plus 512MB (also available in a 1GB version) which looks set to take on the iPod Shuffle."