Vectordash Looks To Monetize Mothballed Cryptomining Rigs For Game Streaming Service

It wasn't too long ago that the world seemed to have gone crazy mining for cryptocurrency. Crypto miners were gobbling up all the GPUs to the point where gamers were unable to get their hands on a graphics card unless they paid insanely prices for them. All of that time and money went into optimizing crypto mining machines, but now that the crypto craze has faded, many systems sit idle. What to do with those mothballed crypto mining machines? Vectordash has a fantastic idea that is quite the turnaround for gamers.


Vectordash is a streaming game service that charges $28 per month and has the goal of letting you play any game you want on any computer you own with unused crypto mining machines handling the graphics. The service isn't limited to a few games either; you can play things like Fortnite or Apex Legends along with any game that you own on Steam.

vectordash aaa
Vectordash supports the latest AAA games

To save on the costs in infrastructure that would be needed for a streaming game service, Vectordash is paying users that have serious GPU power to share the burden via the cloud. Anyone with a GPU-heavy cryptocurrency mining rig sitting unused can get between $60 and $105 monthly for the use of their GPUs. There is a caveat to the service for gamers interested in signing up.

Gamers know that lag is the enemy and Vectordash needs the GPU power in areas close to the gamer to reduce that lag. That means the service is launching in limited areas including the San Francisco Bay Area; Vectordash is focusing on the East and West coasts to start. Gamers must be within 300 miles of the host machine to keep latency workable. The service supports up to 4K 60fps gaming, but can be played at 1080p if your connection can't handle 4K.

The signup page for those in serviced areas is here.