VCs Want To Give You Money

If you're reading HH, you're obviously part of group of some the smartest people on-line, so why not take those collective smarts and snag some big VC money for your next business venture? Just check out this article on CNN Money and you'll know just what some of the richest folks in the world want to throw their money at...

"Asking venture capitalists for great startup ideas is a little like asking Curt Schilling what pitch he's going to throw next. When we posed the question to dozens of VCs and investors around the country, more than a few indignantly shot back, "Are you out of your mind?" But after some friendly prodding from our reporters, a surprising number of them couldn't help but start jawing about companies they would love to build - if only the right people could be found to perfect the technologies or the business plans and make them seem possible. The result is this list of 20 tantalizing business ideas, ranging from a host of new websites and applications to next-generation power sources and a luxury housing development."

Go get your creative juices flowing here.  I know Dave and I will be mulling this news over for a few hours!

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