Valve Opens Up Steam In-Home Game Streaming Beta

In the run up to the highly anticipated releases of Steam Machines in 2014, Valve announced a beta program called In-Home Streaming that will allow users to stream Steam games (say that five times fast) from one computer to another within the same house.

Any system with Steam installed on it can run games from the cloud, but this in-home streaming feature would ostensibly allow users to keep one burly gaming rig going downstairs or in a gaming room and still be able to play all those titles on, say, a less powerful HTPC in the living room.

Valve's SteamOS

It’s all part of Valve’s forthcoming SteamOS release, which will also bring options such as Family Sharing, Family Options for more control over individual family members’ games, media such as music and movies, and more.

Valve says that In-Home Streaming will be up for beta testing yet this year, and the beta testers will be chosen at random from members of a Steam Group on its website. If you’re game, hit it here and put your name in the hat.