Value Gaming PC Buyer's Guide, BenQ DW1640 Internal DVD Writer

Hey guys :) Today Marco has given us a preview of the interesting new additions found in the upcoming NVIDIA Forceware drivers. Some pretty sweet features have been added to the driver set, so click here to see what's in store for you GeForce owners. They're set to be released tomorrow, and we'll be sure to provide you a download link ASAP. Goodnight!

Intel Posts Record Second-Quarter Revenue Of $9.2 Billion

SANTA CLARA, Calif., July 19, 2005 - Intel Corporation today announced second-quarter revenue of $9.2 billion, up 15 percent year-over-year and down 2 percent sequentially.

Second-quarter net income was $2 billion, up 16 percent year-over-year and down 6 percent sequentially. Earnings per share were 33 cents, up 22 percent from 27 cents in the second quarter of 2004 and down 6 percent from 35 cents in the first quarter of 2005.

"Intel delivered record second-quarter revenue, with growth of 15 percent versus a year ago led by strong demand for our notebook platforms," said Paul Otellini, president and CEO. "Our investments in new products, advanced silicon capacity and emerging markets are paying off with growth that is outpacing the industry. We look forward to the second half of 2005 as we ramp dual-core microprocessors into high volume, begin production on our 65nm process technology and deliver innovative new platforms."

Intel's results for the previous quarter included an additional week of business because 2005 is a 53-week fiscal year for the company. As discussed in the company's June 9 Mid-Quarter Business Update, Intel's results for the second-quarter included a tax adjustment primarily related to an increase in estimated research and development credits for prior years. The reversal of previously accrued taxes increased second-quarter earnings-per-share by approximately 2 cents. Intel's results for last year's second quarter included a reversal of previously accrued taxes that increased earnings-per-share by 1.3 cents.

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Hightech (HIS) IceQ ATI Radeon X850XT 256Meg Video Card Review @

"As the savior for all those consumers with buyer remorse that invested in a AGP based computer, you still have options that will have you gaming right along with even the best of what most PCI Express cards have to offer. If you do not have enough money to upgrade your whole system to the newest hardware, you can easily just upgrade to this AGP card and buy yourself the time to make your computer last and still have an excellent gaming experience.."

HIS X800XL IceQ Turbo @ Viperlair

"When comparing the performance to cost ratio I think you'll have a tough time finding a card that performs as well at this price. It ran all of the current popular games well at the midrange resolutions (1024 X 768 and 1280 x 1024) of course if you insist on running at 1600 x 1200 with max AA and AF you might want to consider looking at a more powerful, and generally MUCH more expensive card."

July Value Gaming PC Buyer's Guide @ Sharky Extreme

"To do this, we pay special attention to the price-performance of each component, making sure to match them according to their value from an overall system performance standpoint. While not as fast or flashy as the Extreme or High-End Gaming Systems, our Value configuration may actually be the best deal of them all."

BenQ DW1640 Internal DVD Writer @ Hardware Zone

"More than just an update in write capabilities, the new BenQ DW1640 actually features a different OPU (Optical Pickup Unit) from its predecessors. That said, would the DW1640 uphold BenQ's newfound reputation in great drive performance and quality writing? Let's find out."

Wintec PC2-5400 DDR2 Memory @ Legit Reviews

"Those of you looking for some budget DDR2 modules to match up with that Intel Pentium D 820 really should consider Wintec's PC5400 offering. Featuring good performance at less than $200, you won't be disappointed..."