Users Petition Creative X-Fi

The Inquirer sends word that owners of Creative's flagship X-Fi sound cards are up in arms and have formed a petition to have several key fixes and enhancements made to the product. From crackling audio to bloated software and a lack of any significant support for X-Ram, there is plenty for X-Fi owners to complain about. Perhaps the largest issue is the lack of any significant driver release in the last several months as users have been plagued with unresolved issues for an unacceptable amount of time.

"The X-Fi processor is supposed to be "The most powerful audio processor in the world" doesn't even offer a hardware Dolby Digital 5.1 Encoder while a lot of competition sound cards, even the cheaper ones do and even though none of them doesn't have feature sets to switch," the petition says. The petitioners say that they have been waiting more than seven months since the last driver release and nothing seems to be happening.