USB Swivel Drives, Blue Tooth Adapters, Mobile Athlon64 and ATI's X800 Pro

Good morning all.  It's time for a little hardware news for this Friday morning.  We have a good selection of reading for you, so let's get down to business.

Today, Bjorn3D has a look at Imation's 256MB USB 2.0 Swivel Flash Drive:

"People lose stuff. Whether it's car keys, a five dollar bill or a favorite pen, we all seem to lose things we don't want to lose. I guess people were losing their USB drive caps too, because Imation decided to come to the rescue and prevent any more lost caps. Most USB drives (commonly called pen drives and flash drives) are very similar in design, but Imation's USB 2.0 Swivel Flash Drive takes a new approach." checks in with two major hitters.

First up is their review of ATI's newest powerhouse, the Radeon X800 PRO video card:

"It may pay to see what NVIDIA have to offer in the same price range and we'll be evaluating 6800GT performance in the near future, but in isolation against the ATI products that sit above and below it, the X800 PRO is highly recommended if you have the money to spend."

Next up is some mobile Athlon64 lovin' with the Time Platina Athlon 64 Laptop review:

"I'm left wanting for a better display, DDR400 SODIMMs, 802.11g, some slight keyboard tweaks and a nice rucksack to carry it around in. It looks good, it performs well, the bundle is excellent and you get 64-bit computing on the move. Battery life isn't as shocking as you'd think either." pulls off a review of the Streamzap PC Remote:

"Are you planning on building a multimedia or MP3 player PC for your home entertainment center? The Streamzap PC Remote is your final piece to the puzzle. Don't know why your dad always coveted his remote? After reading this review, you should know why."

The team at Hardware Pacers review the Bluetake BT210 Bluetooth USB Printer Adapter:

"As much as back as we can remember, all printers and similar devices connected through some kind of cable. As wireless technology is improving these days, it is becoming more common for products to become wireless that we never thought would ever be. Today Bluetake is accelerating this process by offering non wireless products to become wireless."

Well gang, that's a wrap for me.  If anything big happens today, we'll be back to tell you about it!  Have a great weekend!