USB Drives, Wireless Headsets, PC5400 and More!

Hey all!  It's Christmas Eve and the last minute push is on.  Thankfully I am all caught up on the shopping, but I am tempted to go see what last minute deals can be found.  Maybe I'll be brave and give it a shot later, but then again, maybe I'll just call it quits while I'm ahead.  Anyhow, this will be my last post until Christmas, so I would like to wish all of our readers a very safe and happy holiday weekend.

Corsair Flash Voyager USB Drive @ TheTechLounge:

"Corsair describes their Flash Voyager drives as 'rugged, stylish, compact, reliable and exceptionally fast.' The Flash Voyager supports Hi-Speed USB 2.0, although it is backwards compatible with USB 1.1. Corsair claims the Flash Voyager can reach read speeds up to 19 MB/s and write speeds up to 13 MB/s. The Voyager comes in capacities ranging from 128 MB up to 1 GB. The drive is plug-n-play compatible in Windows ME/2000/XP and even Linux and Mac. The Voyager is of average size, much smaller than some of the first USB drives, but still can not compare to the incredibly small size of Crucial's Gizmo! But by far, one of the most interesting features of this drive is the fact that it is water resistant."

Cardo Wireless Scala-500 Headset Review @ CoolTechZone:

"The only aspect that is left to touchup on is the price. The Scala-500 is a flagship product from Cardo Systems and the manufacturer will surely make you realize that. This particular headset retails around $79.99, which makes it one of the most expensive in its category. Is the price justifiable? Most certainly! There are few products that truly deserve nothing but positive comments and recommendations regardless their price, and the Scala-500 happens to be one of those few. Clearly, the Scala-500 headset is not designed for everyone. It's for those executives and users who must travel for one reason or another and need a comfortable headset with rechargeable capabilities."

VIA Epia MII @

"From our looks at VIA's Mini-ITX systems previously, it stands out that the biggest leap in progress for the Epia range has been the increase in clock speeds over time - While the CLE266 north bridge has always handled DVD/MPEG-2 playback and handled it well, low clock speeds for the VIA C3 processor hampered DiVX and other MPEG-4 codec playback in the past. Now the MII sees an Epia system sat at the 1.2GHz mark, this performance issue has been eased considerably..."

ECS 865PE-A7 @ Bytesector:

"The 865PE-A7 motherboard. With the exception of the LGA775 socket, this is a true i865PE based motherboard, sporting none of the features we have come to ogle such as PCI-E or DDR2. Essentially, this motherboard is the exact same as their 865PE-A motherboard, but it uses the new Intel socket. Sporting Dual Channel DDR memory, an AGP 8X slot, 5 PCI slots, dual SATA connectors, a 10/100 integrated network card and 6-channel audio, this board seems like a blast from the past. So why purchase a motherboard that doesn't support the latest and greatest?"

Kingston HyperX PC5400 @ Viper Lair:

"Kingston has delivered high performance DDR2 memory that does not dissapoint when run through its paces. Although we could not reach the true top end of the memory, I think we realize this is not a bad thing, leaving us to worry about other bottlenecks. While stock performance is basically on par with DDR memory, the overclocking results are more than promising."