Amazon Echo Owners Can Now Listen To Free, Ad-Supported Music Streaming

Over the last decade, consumers have increasingly come to rely on online music stores and streaming services. Many large online retailers and tech companies boast their own streaming services, including Amazon. However, until today Amazon Music was not accessible to all Alexa-enabled device. Amazon just announced that American customers will now be able to access a selection on Amazon Music playlists through Alexa-enabled devices for free.

Alexa-enabled devices will be able to listen to a variety of ad-supported playlists and radio stations. Users can ask Alexa to stream playlists based off of a song, artist, era, or genre. For example, users can say “Alexa, play the Imagine Dragons station” and they will hear a playlist that is inspired by the artist. Users will also be able to listen to some of Amazon Music’s most popular global stations like “Country Heat” and “Fuego Latino”.

amazon music alexa devices

Users will not need to purchase a Amazon Prime membership or a subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited. Amazon promises that users will have access to thousands of stations at no additional cost. It is important to note that this feature is only available on Alexa-enabled devices.

If users would like to listen to music without ads, they will need to either purchase an Amazon Prime membership or Amazon Music Unlimited subscription. Amazon Prime members are able to access over 2 million songs on all supported devices. Amazon Music Unlimited subscribers can enjoy more than 50 million songs for an additional $7.99 USD a month. There is also an Unlimited family plan for up to six users for $14.99 a month and a single device plan that rings in at $3.99 a month.

amazon echo dot 3rd gen

Amazon always seems to be adding new Alexa capabilities. Most recently, Amazon announced that Alexa-enabled devices can now control Roku hardware. Users can ask Alexa to open a streaming service on a Roku TV or adjust the volume and other controls.

Amazon may also be working on a pair of Alexa-enabled wireless earbuds. Users would be able to ask Alexa to play music, look up the weather, or order products from Amazon. Rumor has it that the earbuds will be available by the end of this year. The company seems to determined to integrate their products and technology into all aspects of consumers’ lives.