US Corporations Massively Read Employee Email

As we become a less and less private society, helped (or hindered, depending on your point of view) by the web, data breaches, and the like, the question actually should be raised: is anything really private any longer?

In its fifth-annual study of outbound e-mail and data loss prevention issues, Proofpoint found that large enterprises continue to incur risk from - and take action against - information leaks over outbound e-mail, as well as newer communications media such as blogs, message boards, media sharing sites and mobile devices.

Outbound e-mail remains a key source of risk for U.S. enterprises with a record 44% of surveyed companies reporting that they investigated an e-mail leak of confidential information in the past 12 months. 41% of the largest companies surveyed (those with 20,000 or more employees) reported that they employ staff to read or otherwise analyze the contents of outbound e-mail. 22% of these companies said they employ staff primarily or exclusively for this purpose.

So they actually employ people for the exclusive purpose of examining emails?  Can you imaging how boring that might be, and how many mundane emails they have to troll through?
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