Upcoming NVIDIA Chipsets?

T-Break has supposedly received some information from a reliable source regarding NVIDIA's chipset plans for AMD's upcoming Socket M2 processors. Looking at the breakdown of chipsets, one cannot help but see the remarkable similarities to the current crop of nForce4 chipsets with SLI x16 sitting at the top of the group and the "vanilla" version taking care of the budget crowd. One somewhat interesting note in this information is the bit regarding the SLIx16 part being "very overclockable".

C51XE+MCP55PXE: Features 2 x16 SLI slots (total 46 lanes, 9 links) and supports FX and Athlon series of M2 CPUs. Six SATA ports with RAID5, dual Gigabit LAN with ActiveArmor and UAA Audio. Very overclockable.
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