United Kingdom Backs DRM

Digital Rights Management (DRM) has been the subject of much debate for quite some time now and unfortunately it doesn't look like that will change any time soon. Recently, an e-petition signed by over 1,400 people to ban DRM was rejected by the United Kingdom, which plans on continuing to support DRM practices. While the government plans to continue to back DRM as a way for companies to protect their content, there is a possible plan in the works to make reporting abusive DRM technology possible.

The government has rejected a call to ban the digital locks that limit what people can do with the software, music and movies they own. A petition calling for the ban on the government's e-petition website gathered more than 1,400 backers. In its response, the government said these digital locks, known as Digital Rights Management, helped give users "unprecedented choice". But it added that DRM must respect the rights and needs of consumers.
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