Undoing The Spam King's Damage

It shouldn't come as any big surprise that catching Robert "Spam King" Soloway hasn't had any major impact on the volume of spam going around.  Of course he was just arrested, but the impact of his actual removal from day to day spamming operations might never be felt by end users according to InformationWeek:
"Even if a judge and jury lock up Robert Alan Soloway for the rest of his natural born life, your Inbox will still be inundated with tons of offers for HGH, porn, and penny stocks.

Government prosecutors are surely chomping at the chance to present evidence against Soloway. The so-called Spam King (perhaps we should call him Spam Solo?) is accused of identity theft, mail fraud, wire fraud, fraud in connection with electronic mail, and money laundering."
It appears that a Pandora's box of spam has been opened, and may never again be closed.  So what kind of retribution is in store for he who at least helped open the box?  Soloway stands to spend as much as 75 years in prison plus fines that will probably never serve as full restitution for years of identity theft, money laundering, and various forms of fraud.

Spam, how your name has become sullied in this day and age.  If only you remained a nearly edible substance at the heart of a good Monty Python sketch just as nature intended...
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