Unboxing The Retro Intel Box Master System, Not So Retro Inside

Although working at a publication like HotHardware often involves tight deadlines and countless hours of benchmarking, product photography, and writing, plenty of fun activities get thrown into the mix as well.
Intel Box Master System
Case in point--I came home from the Intel Developers Forum this past week to a pair of boxes that were begging to be torn open in an unboxing video. So, I that’s what I did. And what I found inside the boxes is the kind of stuff tech-enthusiasts drool over. Not only was there some killer hardware to ogle, but it was presented in a very unique way...check this out...

If you stay on top of the tech scene, Intel’s Skylake microarchitecture and the Core i7-6700K should need no introduction. We reviewed the processor a couple of weeks back and have some related stories from IDF posted here (overclocking), here (architecture preview), and here (graphics). In our Core i7-6700K review, we also show off the Asus Z170-Deluxe, because that was the motherboard we did all of our testing on. And there’s some Corsair DDR4 RAM in the review too, though not the exact kit featured in this video.

cpu and ssdcpu

In addition to the motherboard, RAM, and processor, we’ve got a full review of the Intel 750 Series SSD included in the box as well. If you’re considering a high performance SSD, the Intel 750 should definitely be on your short list of considerations if you’ve got the funds—it’s a barnburner, especially in comparison to any of the SATA SSDs on the market.

system2 system3

box open box

That funky Intel Box Master System, however, isn’t something we’ve seen before! It’s just one of those unique things we get to play with from time to time, that will remain a fixture in the lab for a while…

intel inside