UK Government Providing Free Energy Meters

Ever wonder how much juice your SLI gaming rig sucks up every month? You probably won’t know exactly how hard it’s digging into your pockets, but if you’re living in the UK, that might change quite soon.

A new government project in the UK aimed at raising environmental awareness and fighting global warming is providing some 15,000 Britons with free energy meters, which will enable people to measure exactly how much energy each electrical device uses. The government hopes that raising awareness will help convince people to change their behavior and cut back on energy consumption.
“It's often the simple things that are forgotten. A mobile phone charger left plugged in, a big LCD TV left on when no one is watching, or a kettle boiling more water than is needed for a cup of tea.”

“‘Changing consumer habits is vital if we are to cut our energy use and reduce the impact of climate change,’ John Hutton, the new business and enterprise secretary, said in a statement.”
The energy savings trials will involve about 40,000 households in the UK. The homes will be equipped with “smart” meters that are fitted with clip-on real-time displays. It seems that the government is confident that if people see exactly how much power they’re using, they will try to cut back a little. After all, a picture is worth a thousand words.