Ubuntu 13.04 Already Scoping Out An April 2013 Final Release Date

Looking for a little more Linux in your life? You won't have to wait too much longer. Ubuntu is one of the best known builds, and while Quantal Quetzal won't ship until a few more weeks (Oct. 18th), there's no stopping forward progress. A timeline has already been set for Ubuntu 13.04, with Decembest 1st listed as the date where we'll see it hit the first alpha. Once Feb. 7th hits, it'll be on to the second stage. By the time we get to April, a final release should be ready for the masses.

You may wonder why it's so vital for a Linux flavor to lay out such a roadmap, but in fact, we wish all operating systems did this. Having clear and precise roadmaps keeps everyone on target, and constantly keeps the pressure on to deliver code on time. Good on you, Ubuntu. With Windows 8 soaking up the spotlight this fall, it looks like next April is all yours.