Ubisoft Swings Ban Hammer On Thousands Of Dishonorable 'For Honor’ AFK Farmers

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With a game entitled For Honor, you would think that gamers would in fact show some dignity and honor when it comes to playing. However, that might be a little too much to ask, as Ubisoft earlier this month said that it would begin cracking down on what it calls AFK Farming.

In case you didn’t know, AFK stands for “Away From Keyboard” and in For Honor, AFK Farming refers to gamers who use sneaky methods to earn in-game loot. Gamers have been known to tie rubber bands around their control stick to allow the in-game character to continue moving while they go off to do other things. This “autonomous” activity allows gamers to rack up rewards and experience points without even actually “playing” the game.

“Because this kind of behavior negatively affects the player experience of others, it has become a top priority for us,” wrote Ubisoft on March 3rd. “As such, we will be sanctioning all the players who have been found to be using AFK Farming repeatedly.”

Well, Ubisoft is making good on its promise, as it has instituted a three-day ban on 1,500 players who have been caught AFK Farming. Another 4,000 players have been unearthed and have been given a warning.

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Given that AFK Farming is against Ubisoft’s Code of Conduct, it was only a matter of time before actions would be taken against cheaters. With that in mind, Ubisoft wants everyone to be reminded of its Community Values, which are:

Honor: Fight, win and lose with Honor. Support your teammates.

Respect: Respect your opponents and other community members, inside and outside the game.

Share: Share your experience, share tips and hints, spread the word! Looking forward meeting you all on the battlefields!

In others words, don’t be a knucklehead! If you want to game, game. And leave the rubbers in your drawer.