Ubisoft Fixes Hilarously Disturbing "No-Face" Glitch In Assassin's Creed Unity, More Optimizations Coming

There are plenty of comical moments to be had in Assassin's Creed Unity, though not necessarily intentional. Take for example a bug that would remove textures on certain NPCs, leaving them faceless and creepy looking. Dubbed the "no face" bug, Ubisoft said it resolved the issue with its Day 1 patch, as well as all future patches.

Several images showing the bug have been circulating on the web, though Ubisosft stated in a blog post that after conducting rigorous test, it determined the glitch only occurs on PCs with one of two specific graphics cards, and in both cases the issue is fixed following the first patch.

No Face Bug
Image Source: Steam (Retro_Apocalypse)

Unfortunately for Ubisoft, the "no face" bug isn't the only one having a negative impact on the user experience. There are videos on YouTube showing NPCs interrupting cut scenes by shouting over the dialog, the main character getting caught inside of hay carts, and more unintentional shenanigans.

The good news for gamers is that Ubisoft isn't exactly burying its head in the sand -- the company is aware of the various issues affecting the game and is working on more fixes and optimizations.

"We can tell you that we have detected a distinct discrepancy between what we observed in the pre-launch versus post-launch environment. In spite of our testing, it looks like the instruction queue is becoming overloaded and impacting performance," Ubisoft said in a separate blog post. "We have several fixes we are exploring right now and will continue to update you with our progress of what is working and how quickly we can implement these fixes in the game in the weeks ahead."

Ubisoft said it's working on a third patch, though doesn't have an ETA just yet.