Ubisoft CEO Says Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Won’t Be The Last Generation of Consoles

Long before Microsoft announced its Xbox One and Sony, its PlayStation 4, many speculated as to whether or not this upcoming generation of consoles would be the last. That proposed fate had a lot to do with the fact that it's not as profitable a business as console vendors would like it to be, especially when the risks are enormous. But according to Ubisoft's CEO Yves Guillemot, the upcoming generation is most certainly not the last.

In an interview with Computer & Video Games, Mr. Guillemot reiterates the fact that this current console generation has lasted far too long - something I'm sure a lot of us can agree with. He does believe, however, that the next-gen consoles will deliver unparalleled experiences, not only because of their graphical capabilities, but their overall featureset.

Cloud Guys Plug

Guillemot also backs-up the Wii U a little bit, which is a bit refreshing given the overall hard time the industry as a whole has been giving it lately. He believes that while the launch was undoubtedly lackluster, the second screen and touch possibilities along with the games en route gives the console the potential to become one that offers "high quality games and at a reasonable price".

Regarding the next-next generation of consoles, Guillemot states that the "cloud" is only going to become bigger, and as companies like Nintendo, Microsoft and Sony always want to have control over their own platforms, it only seems logically accurate to believe that there will be another generation of consoles. He just hopes that the life cycle decreases to about 5 years.