Ubisoft Addresses Backlash Over Inactive Account Deletion Policy With A Key Clarification

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Ubisoft has addressed a concern that arose on social media over the company deleting inactive Ubisoft accounts. Gamers were fearful that if their account remained inactive for a period of time, they would lose all their games forever.

This past weekend, a tweet set off a stampede of confusion and dread over whether or not Ubisoft would close your account if you had not logged in for some time, causing gamers to lose the games they had purchased online from the software company forever. Ubisoft Support's reply did not ease the panic, as it stated that it could be avoided by simply logging into the account after receiving the disconcerting email from Ubisoft the original poster shared. It also reignited the call for game developers to sell physical copies of all games, alongside the digital option.

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In a report by IGN, Ubisoft attempted to ease account owners' dread by sharing details about its policy surrounding account closure and whether or not customers would actually lose their collection of games forever, as stated by AntiDRM (@PC_enjoyer). Ubisoft pointed out that it has followed the same policy on account deletions "for many years now" in accordance with the EU's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The GDPR puts a time limit on how long companies are allowed to store individual personal information.

The company that has produced games such as the upcoming Star Wars Outlaws, clarified in an email that its standards for account deletion do not include any account that has purchased games attached to them. You can view Ubisoft's criteria for "Closure of inactive Ubisoft accounts" below.

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Ubisoft also clarified that gamers would receive an email like the one shared by AntiDRM 30 days ahead of account deletion. This allows anyone who receives the email ample time to log in and avoid losing their account. In terms of losing the collection of games one has accumulated over the years, those accounts "are not eligible for deletion." In other words, there is no need to panic about losing games purchased through Ubisoft, ever.
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