Two Spreadsheets At The Same Time, Man

Widescreen LCD monitor sales are expected to nearly quadruple in 2007, (wrote HotHardware news editor Gregory Sullivan on his brand new 20" Optiquest widescreen monitor he purchased last week by clicking on the Newegg ad on the front page of HotHardware. And very satisfied with the purchase and the vendor he is.) according to a report in DigiTimes
Widescreen alternatives are surfacing across all the monitor screen sizes, but the biggest battleground in 2007 is expected to be in the 19-, 20-, and 22-inch widescreen markets. The 19-inch widescreen alternatives, which have been priced considerably below their 20-inch wide competitors in the past, have led the market to date. With aggressively priced 22-inch widescreen alternatives now pushing below US$300 at the street level, 20-inch widescreen panel and monitor suppliers were facing a price squeeze, at risk of being pushed out of the market altogether.
Home users are driving the demand. Windows Vista OS looks great on a widescreen. Business users have been slow to get on the Vista bandwagon, but will eventually understand the beauty of two spreadheets at the same time, man. And red Swingline staplers.
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