Two Cases, Two PSU's and One Cooler

Good morning brothers and sisters :)  By taking a quick peek at my inbox, it looks like our local Juice-Fairy was very busy last night.  It is going to take me a little while to sort through this mess of news and spam; so, if you don't mind, we are going to get right down to business :)

Cooler Master Hyper 6 P4/K8 Heatsink @ Systemcooling

"It's been over two years since Cooler Master introduced their first heat pipe cooler, the HHC-001. In that time, manufacturers have gotten considerably more adept at implementing this technology, and the result is that there are now many effective heat pipe heatsinks on the market. Now, Cooler Master has introduced a new heat pipe cooler to the masses. The KHC-V81, or Hyper 6, as it is known, is an all-new design using a tower-type configuration that is becoming the new phenomenon in heatsink design. Today we're putting the Hyper 6 through its paces, and we'll tell you if it's worth your hard-earned cooling bucks."

ioCombo Acrylic PC ATX 450W PSU @ Viper Lair

"350W PSUs are the bare minimum I would even consider these days, with 400W being more the recommended. There isn't such a thing as too much power though, and power users pushing their PCs even harder, I suspect 500-550W PSUs are going to be the norm as we move through 2004."

Enermax EG325AX-VE 320W PSU Review @ BigBruin.Com

"The Enermax EG325AX-VE Noisetaker is very stable, especially when compared to the Raidmax test unit and its 100W edge in published power output. Even under a load it stays stable, with only a slight variation in the 5V rail. With zero fluctuation measured on the 12V rail, I would say Enermax's separate 12V rails for drives and the cpu/motherboard proved to be a worthy innovation."

Antec's P160 ATX case reviewed @ Tech Report

"It didn't take much convincing to get me to look at one of Antec's latest offerings, the P160. The sleek lines and aluminum construction are a nice start, but does this new case have the features and innovation that we've come to expect from Antec? We'll soon find out."

Enermax CS-800TA Voltron Series Mid-Tower Case @ Extreme Overclocking

"The CS-800TA Voltron Series cases from Enermax break the traditional beige barrier with an assortment of 5 vibrant colors that give a great custom look without emptying the pocketbook. Enermax has even gone an extra step in providing two CD/DVD bay covers that match the color of the case. A couple other key features of the case are, semi tool-less design, a fan control dial on the side panel, front temperature LED display, front I/O ports, and mesh fan grills."

Time to run for a little while my friends.  I will see you around shortly :) - Cheers

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