Twitch Announces Affiliate Program For Thousands Of Game Streamers To Earn Money

It can be difficult to make video game streaming a profitable venture, especially if you are one of the “little guys." Monetising online content these days is a challenge no matter what platform it's delivered on. However, Twitch recently announced their Affiliate Program, which will enable thousands of game streamers to earn money. The Twitch Affiliate Program will help to bridge the gap between non-partnered streamers and Twitch Partners.

Twitch remarked, “... for every streamer that achieves partnership, there are thousands more striving toward that goal, many of them sharing amazing content with strong, passionate communities, but without access to on-platform tools that would allow their viewers to help support them. To those emerging streamers: we see your consistent work, and we think you deserve a leg up!”

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How will Twitch distinguish between Affiliates and Partners? Affiliates will have access to cheering, subscriptions, game sales, and ads, however, Partners will also receive extra features. For example, Affiliates will soon have access to subscriptions with one sub emote, while Partners will have 50 sub emotes. Affiliates will have a 60 day payout time frame and be responsible for their payout fees, while Partners will have a 40 day time frame and their fees will be covered by Twitch. Partners will also be the only level to include a verified chat badge and a channel page icon.

Twitch will soon send out invitations to streamers who qualify as Affiliates. There will be no application process. Streamers must have broadcast at least 500 minutes in seven different streams over the last 30 days, have an average of 3 concurrent viewers or more over the last 30 days, and boast at least fifty followers. Affiliates will receive a share of the revenue Twitch gets from Bits equal to 1 cent per Bit used to Cheer for them.

twitch affiliate program announcement

There is currently no launch date for the Affiliate Program. Twitch did, however, promise to announce the launch on their Twitter account.