XGIMI’s Horizon Pro 4K Laser Project Is Set To Shame TVs At 25% Off With This Hot Deal

tv and projector deals for the weekend or mothers day on amazon
As we get into the weekend, you might need a new display for your living room, man/woman cave or hangout space. Alternatively, Mom might be looking for a new TV for Mother’s Day. Thankfully, Amazon has several outstanding deals on TVs of varying types and projectors, the latter of which might be an interesting replacement for the standard box and real showpiece for your entertainment ensemble. 

Kicking things off, we have the XGIMI Horizon Pro 4K Projector, an Android-based movie projector that can throw a 40” to 200” display for $1,274.99 or 25% off the regular price. The XGIMI Horizon Pro comes with integrated Harman Kardon speakers, auto keystone adaptation, and can beam 2200 ANSI lumens. What’s interesting is that this projector comes in an 8”x8”x5” package that weighs just 6.4lbs, meaning you could, in theory, travel with an up to 200” display which would be pretty cool.

vizio tv and projector deals for the weekend or mothers day on amazon

If projectors are not your thing, however, VIZIO has a few deals on this list, including a 75” 4K OLED HDR display for $1,348.00 or 33% off the regular price. This is truly an impressive display begin able to do 4K at 120Hz, making this a potentially outstanding pairing with an Xbox, PlayStation, or PC. Vizio also has a 50” 4K QLED HDR display with similar specs, coming in at a more palatable $548.00 or 13% off the regular price. Both displays also feature AMD FreeSync Premium, lending more credence to the gaming capabilities of the displays.

Besides some higher-end TVs, Amazon has some solid but more moderately priced options with the Fire TV series. This includes the Amazon Fire TV 65”, a 4K smart display coming in at $599.99 or 21% off. This is flanked by the Amazon Fire TV 55”, a 4K smart display for $379.99 or 27% off. Both displays support HDR10, among other display technologies, and feature Fire TV, allowing you to easily stream and surf.

Regardless of what you ultimately decide to go with, you or your loved ones should be pretty happy with any of these options, and pairing them with the stellar deals we’ve seen today, it does not get much better.