Hoarding Destiny 2 Iron Banner Tokens? Spend Them Before They're Lost Forever

destiny 2 risen saladin caiatl
Have you been hoarding Iron Banner tokens? Now is the time to turn them in. This is one of your last chances to turn in Destiny 2 Iron Banner tokens before the system receives an overhaul.

Lord Saladin will receive a makeover in Season 17. The Iron Banner reputation system will resemble the reputation systems of Zavala, Saint-14, Lord Shaxx, Banshee-44, and the Drifter. These reputation systems award Engrams, Enhancement Prisms, and other items as the player ranks up. This change will make the current Iron Banner tokens irrelevant and players will therefore want to turn them in as soon as possible.

This week is the second to last opportunity for players to redeem their tokens. The absolute last chance will be the week of May 10th. We would recommend cashing them in sooner rather than later so that one does not forget to do so and miss out on loot.

What can your Iron Banner tokens buy you? There are two new weapons this season in the Iron Banner Loot pool. Legendary Hand Cannon Frontier’s Cry is a 180 RPM Precision Frame, while Legendary Sword Razor’s Edge is a Vortex frame. Both older and newer Iron Banner weapons have the Skulking Wolf trait. With this trait, “during the Hunt, final blows with this weapon grant enhanced radar and remove you from opposing radar.” Skulking Wolf is new as of Season 16 and it therefore may be worth it to some players to farm for older weapons.

Destiny 2 Iron Banner
It is possible that there will be other substantial changes to Iron Banner in Season 17. For example, players may receive Iron Banner-specific Engrams in the future. Those who play Trials of Osiris and Gambit currently can earn engrams specific to those activities. These engrams can then be “focused.” This allows players to attempt to get specific rolls on weapons and armor. This system does not yet exist for Vanguard and Crucible, but we would imagine that the change is not far off. We therefore theorize that Iron Banner-specific Engrams will be part of the Season 17 transformation.

We also believe that there may either be some gameplay changes to Iron Banner or that there will be some kind of storyline quest. Before we proceed, we should warn that there are a few Season 16 storyline spoilers ahead.

Lord Saladin, aka Bracus Forge, now serves under Caiatl in order to maintain the fragile alliance between the Vanguard and the Cabal. It is stated at the end of Operation Elbrus that Saladin will “accept the rank of Bracus and serve aboard Caiatl's ship, though he will return to the Tower to hold the Iron Banner-- Caiatl seems interested in that Guardian tradition.” This statement seems to hint that the Cabal will now in some way be involved in Iron Banner. Some argue that Guardians will merely receive Cabal-themed armor and weapons, but we are optimistic that the Cabal will be more involved in Iron Banner in some form. We are overall excited to see what Season 17 brings to the Iron Banner and are glad to be getting rid of tokens. 

Images courtesy of Bungie/Sony