TSMC Rumored To Build 7nm A13 Chips For 2019 iPhone Models

Apple's push for new iPhone models comes as consumers are staying away from new devices and holding onto old phones for longer. The extended upgrade cycle is in part Apple's own doing due to the battery replacement program it was running and the high retail prices of its devices. Rumors have circulated that suggest Apple plans to launch three new iPhone models in 2019, which will hopefully turn around the sales slide. 

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Reports have surfaced that claim Apple will continue to exclusively use TSMC to build the new A13 chips used in iPhone models. TSMC will build the A13 chips using its 7nm process according to the report. TSMC is also building AMD's Zen 2 CPUs and 7nm Vega 20 GPUs. Volume production for the new chips destined for iPhones and iPads is said to kick off in Q2 2019, and the fab is expected to use extreme ultraviolet lithography for the A13 chips for the first time when production starts.

While talking up TSMC's production for the A13 chips to be used in the 2019 iPhone models, DigiTimes also claims that there are new AirPods and new iPads coming in the first half of 2019. Late last month hints at new iPad models were found inside the code for iOS 12.2 beta. That code hinted that four new iPad models were in the works including iPad mini models.

AirPod speculation suggests that a significant update is coming and that the new AirPods will launch in the first half of the year with health monitoring features. Other rumors hint that the new AirPods will come in black or white colors and have a new surface coating that offers improved grip.