Undeterred By Soft iPhone Sales, Apple Might Launch Three More Models In 2019

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max
Apple recently admitted that it hasn't been selling its latest generation iPhone models at the clip it expected, and it was also reported that the company told its iPhone suppliers to cut back production. Even so, the company is forging ahead with new models. For 2019, the company may release three more iPhone models, including one with three rear cameras.

It will be interesting to see what kind of price points Apple's upcoming phones hit. The smartphone sector at large is in a bit of a slump, in terms of demand, and part of the reason could be the high price tags attached to flagship models. The iPhone XR, for example, starts at $749, while the most expensive iPhone XS Max model is $1,449 (pricing starts at $999).

"As we exit a challenging quarter, we are as confident as ever in the fundamental strength of our business. We manage Apple for the long term, and Apple has always used periods of adversity to re-examine our approach, to take advantage of our culture of flexibility, adaptability and creativity, and to emerge better as a result," Apple CEO Tim Cook recently said.

The fact that Apple is readying new phones for 2019 is not a big revelation. However, sources tell The Wall Street Journal that the top model will feature a triple camera setup, while the other two models will sport dual camera sensors on the rear.

What's also interesting is that the base model will again sport an LCD screen instead of OLED panels like the other other two. Apple may move on from LCD in 2020, but for this year, that will still be an option, and one that is presumably cheaper than the other two.

Other details are not yet known. We can safely assume the new iPhone models will sport faster hardware, but in terms of innovations and standout features, we'll have to wait and see.