Trade In Any Old iPad At Target, Get $200

It seems like a lot of companies are getting in on the iPad trade-in action, including Microsoft, Best Buy, and now Target. From now until November 9th, you can take your old (but working and unscratched) iPad to Target and swap it for at least $200. That means you could potentially get more than that, depending on the age and condition of the iPad.

The $200 will take the form of a Target Trade-In Gift Card, but you shouldn’t have any trouble finding $200 worth of merchandise you want or need at Target. (They have groceries now, for crying out loud.)

Target iPad tradein

Target has a running program where you can trade in old electronics such as PCs, cameras, and the iPhone, but this deal is huge. For example, if you run through the online calculator, you’ll find that a typical trade-in for a 16GB WiFi first-gen iPad in good working order with an unsullied screen is only $39. If you take that same iPad to a participating Target location in the next few days, you could get $200, instead.

Best Buy has a similar deal running, although they’ll only accept 3rd-gen and newer iPads and the iPad mini, and Microsoft recently ran a promotion where you could trade your new-ish iPad in for a minimum of $200 towards a Surface tablet.
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