Totally Cuckoo Bird Dating Sim Hatoful Boyfriend Officially Coming To PS4 And Vita

In case there was ever any doubt about the fact that hallucinogenics are still prevalent in content creation, Hatoful Boyfriend comes to the rescue. Oh, wait - Hatoful Boyfriend isn't the result of a trip to crazy town on qualudes - it's a Japanese game. Of course that doesn't necessarily explain the mind-numbingly cuckoo story line and game objective. What is the objective exactly, you ask? To be frank, we're not quite sure but it sure is out there. It's plainly obvious in fact, that it's way out there.

Japan has never had a dearth of romance sims, or what's in effect digital romance novels, but Hatoful Boyfriend takes things to new heights. You see, you'll be able to see to it that your bird will find its one true love. Yup, an avian friend. Don't believe us? Check out the game's announcement trailer:

Hatoful Boyfriend 01

Believe it or not, this upcoming release is actually a remake - the original came out in 2011, and apparently beaked people's interest enough to warrant a fresh coat of paint. That's not to say that Hatoful Boyfriend is going to be a looker - it's very much a plain Jane split-path romance game that Japan has become so well-known for.

Hatoful Boyfriend 02

But hey, at least the game trailer pokes fun at itself and its frankly a pretty good chuckle to boot...

Hatoful Boyfriend 03

If Hatoful Boyfriend looks like a game you'd enjoy, you can pick it up for the PS4 and PS Vita next Tuesday. Its price hasn't yet been revealed. Don't have a PS4 or PS Vita? Don't fret: the game is also available on Steam for $11. You'll just have to ask yourself if it's the type of game you won't mind others seeing in your recently played list.