Toshiba's Non-Encrypted HK4 SSDs Now Shipping In High Performance NetApp SolidFire Data Center Products

Though encryption and enterprise products often go hand-in-hand, that is not always the case. There are some instances where encryption is not needed, and so Toshiba answered the call with a line of non-encrypted solid state drives optimized for data centers. Those drives are now starting to ship in select NetApp SolidFire all-flash array (AFA) models, enabling NetApp customers to reach new markets.

Specifically, Toshiba's non-encrypted SATA 6Gbps HK4 series SSDs are shipping in NetApp SolidFire SF4805, SF9605, and SF19210 products. Toshiba is the first to ship non-encrypted SSDs on SolidFire AFAs where the focus is on optimized latency, power, and performance.

Toshiba HK4 SSD

"Our customers require predictable and highly efficient performance; and they get that with Toshiba data center SSDs," said Daniel Berg, vice president, SolidFire Production Operations at NetApp. "With the addition of Toshiba’s non-encrypted SSDs, NetApp SolidFire products can now address markets where non-encrypted drives are required."

These drives are available in a variety of capacities ranging from 200GB to nearly 2TB (1.92TB, to be exact). They feature Toshiba's 15nm multi-level cell (MLC) NAND flash memory paired with Toshiba's own controller and are read intensive. Markets that NetApp can target with SolidFire solutions running these drives include web servers, file servers, media streaming, video-on-demand, search engines, and warm data storage.

This is not Toshiba's first time working with NetApp. The two companies last year jointly announced the availability of FIPS certified SSDs with Toshiba's PX04S 12Gbit/s SAS SSDs for encrypted data environments. This relationship between the two has helped Toshiba be identified by IDC as the fastest growing SSD vendor in 2016.