Toshiba Steps Out with 'World's Fastest SD Memory Cards' at 240MBps Throughput

Toshiba has announced a major upgrade to its SD card technology that should make it easier for users to record data to a device, especially HD video that requires fast access times.

The company on Tuesday showed off the latest version of its Exceria SD cards. The company's flagship Exceria Pro series will be capable of a 240MBps write speed, which Toshiba says, is the world's fastest. Its standard Exceria SD card will deliver 120MBps write speeds.

According to Toshiba, they were able to achieve the faster speeds by taking advantage of the UHS-II ultra-high-speed serial bus interface newly offered in SD Memory Card Standard Version 4.10. The interface is capable of delivering up to 312MBps for dual-lane access, compared to 90MBps in its predecessor, UHS-I. 

Toshiba Exceria Pro

Of course, just because Toshiba is staking claim to the speed lead today, it doesn't mean it'll last. The company's Exceria Pro might be able to write data much faster than current SD cards, but it still leaves about 70MBps on the table for the new interface. Before long, its competitors might take advantage of that extra speed.

Still, Toshiba's announcement is a boon for professional photographers and videographers who commonly shoot subjects at high speed. With the faster data writing, cameras will more adequately keep up with the fast action.

Toshiba plans to launch the Exceria Pro cards in October, starting with Japan and followed by other major markets worldwide. The Exceria series will hit store shelves in November.