Toshiba Reveals 128GB NAND Chip For Smartphones And Tablets

How much space is on your phone? 4GB? 8GB? Maybe 32GB? Even the next generation iPhone only comes in 16GB and 32GB sizes, and the largest microSD card available for phones like the Nexus One is just 32GB. For well over a year now, 32GB has been the maximum space available in the average smartphone, and getting that much space was often costly.

But just as hard drives and SSDs have done in the past, expansion is just around the corner. Toshiba, a mainstay in the storage space, has a new idea going forward, and that idea is to offer far more space than just 32GB in a single phone. The company has just developed a new 128GB chip that's small enough to be embedded into smartphones, tablet PCs and even digital video cameras. As you may expect, the new chip is an embedded NAND flash memory model, with the highest capacity yet in the industry.

The entire produce measures just 17mm x 22mm x 1.4mm, and samples will be available to ship starting from September. Mass production is expected to start in Q4 2010 (about the time a 64GB module hits production as well), which means that the iPhone 5 should definitely ship in a 128GB version. Can you imagine the pre-order madness for that?