TomTom 1.3 iPhone GPS Update Adds Real-Time Traffic And More

TomTom has a lot of weight on their shoulders. They're consistently looked at as one of the top dogs in navigation, and thus expectations are extremely high. That's particularly true on the iPhone and iPod touch, where TomTom's app was the first major one into the App Store and the only one that Apple actually spoke of by name during a keynote. In the past months, TomTom's iPhone GPS app had slipped in terms of matching functionality provided by rivals, but a huge update has landed today that shoots it right back up to the top.

Version 1.3 of the TomTom iPhone app brings a few much-needed updates to the program, including real-time traffic, Local Search powered by Google and enhanced integration with the iPhone ecosystem. There's also the addition of pinch-and-zoom, a new map update, automatic day/night modes, music fading (that keeps your iPhone or iPod touch music fading as text-to-speech commands come and go) and an "Add To ToTom" feature that allows you to save locations from other iPhone apps to your TomTom app. All in all, it's a worthy update if you've already got the app (free to download), but if not, the new version is available with U.S. maps for $59.99. Of note, the real-time traffic is a separate add-on that will cost you $19.99 for 12 months of service.

TomTom App for iPhone Now Offers Real-Time Traffic, Local Search Powered by Google and Enhanced Integration with the iPhone Interface

Concord, MA – March 15, 2010 – TomTom, the world’s leading provider of navigation solutions and digital maps, today announces several important enhancements to its popular TomTom app for iPhone, including real-time traffic compatibility and Local Search powered by Google. These new features, combined with enhanced integration with the iPhone interface, ensure optimal routing and an even more intuitive navigation experience. The latest version of the TomTom app (Version 1.3) can be purchased on the App Store today.

"TomTom continues to expand its offering of premier navigation services and features to a growing base of TomTom app for iPhone users," said Tom Murray, vice president of market development. "Among the many enhancements in the latest version of the app, TomTom’s comprehensive traffic offering gives users dynamic, real-time information that helps them avoid traffic delays and find the fastest routes. It makes the TomTom app for iPhone even more useful in our daily lives."

TomTom Traffic updates are received automatically every three minutes, providing real-time traffic speed and incident reports directly on the iPhone. As soon as a delay is found on the route, users are notified and can be automatically re-routed to an alternative, faster route. Traffic delays can be heard audibly on the device as well as displayed on the screen. TomTom Traffic is an optional service available for purchase on the App store.

TomTom app for iPhone Version 1.3 includes additional advanced features that are available for free to existing TomTom app customers:

- Local Search powered by Google - The TomTom app for iPhone now provides a countless number of points of interest at the user’s fingertips. Users can tap into the latest local Google listings from within the TomTom app to locate and route to anything from restaurants to flower shops.

- Pinch and Zoom – Integrating one of the iPhone’s most popular features, the latest version of the TomTom app allows users to "pinch and zoom" for a more detailed view of the navigation map.

- New Map Update – The TomTom app incorporates TomTom’s latest map, which was rated best for overall accuracy and includes 1 million more miles of U.S. roads than the competition.

- Automatic Day/Night Mode - For a safer drive, the TomTom app now also calculates local sunrise and sunset times to automatically adjust the screen brightness while driving.

- Music Fading – This music fading feature ensures that you never miss a navigation instruction while listening to music on your iPhone. The music volume decreases during turn-by-turn instructions and then increases when instructions are complete.

- Add to TomTom Feature – Save locations from other iPhone apps and Web browsers to your TomTom app.

The TomTom app offers the same great features users have come to rely on from TomTom, including IQ Routes™ Technology and Advanced Lane Guidance. TomTom IQ Routes™ incorporates historical speed profile data for both day of week and time of day to calculate the fastest route available at that moment. Advanced Lane guidance provides extra clarity when navigating difficult junctions by showing the user which lane to take for an upcoming exit.

Price and Availability:
Continental and regional versions of the TomTom for iPhone app for iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS and iPod Touch users, are available today at

The new version of the software is available for free to existing TomTom app for iPhone customers. For new users, the TomTom app for iPhone, including maps of the U.S., is available for $59.99. The app, including maps of U.S. and Canada, is available for $69.99. TomTom Traffic for iPhone users is available via in-app purchase for an additional $19.99 per 12 months of service.
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