T-Mobile's Upcoming LTE Network Sniffed Out By OpenSignal App Users in Nine Cities

T-Mobile is working on an LTE network, and although the carrier isn’t announcing its first launch cities yet, users of the OpenSignal app have deduced that T-Mobile is testing its network in nine U.S. cities: Seattle, Denver, Las Vegas, New Orleans, New York, San Diego, Kansas City, and San Jose/the Bay Area. (You can split hairs about whether San Jose and “the Bay Area” are different cities or not.)

OpenSignal reports that the network is delivering average download and upload speeds (not peak speeds, mind you) of 25Mbps and 8Mbps, respectively, with an average latency of 40ms. The group has found that a limited number of devices are being used on the network, but they include some nice handsets including the Galaxy Note II, the Galaxy S3, and an unreleased version of the Galaxy S4 running an older version of a Snapdragon S4.

OpenSignal T-Mobile LTE

It’s high time that T-Mobile launched LTE services, and the company has a lot of ground to cover to catch up to the likes of AT&T and Verizon in the 4G LTE race; Verizon has done an amazing job of rapidly rolling out LTE service in far more cities than the competition, and AT&T has been steadily gaining ground, too.