T-Mobile’s John Legere Calls Out AT&T On Killing Off $450 Incentive Plan

T-Mobile CEO John Legere is a bit of a loon, but I love him. He’s been poking the bear as it were by actively calling out other mobile carriers and rolling out plans and incentives specifically targeting the likes of AT&T, but his efforts have resulted in the competition responding with new plans and incentives of their own.

For instance, in reaction to T-Mobile’s offer to pay up to $350 in early termination fees to customers who switch from AT&T, Sprint, or Verizon, AT&T countered with a $450 incentive plan for those who ditch T-Mobile. Parry and thrust.

T-Mobile John Legere

However, AT&T has quietly done away with the incentive after just just a few weeks, and Legere publicly mocked the company for it on Twitter. “That was quick! @ATT already revoking the $450 bribe to @TMobile customers?”, reads the tweet in part. He followed that up with another one that reads, “At least we know @ATT can do something fast! They already ended their $450 bribe offer to @TMobile customers!”

T-Mobile John Legere tweet

Great stuff, that, although he’s being somewhat unfair to AT&T and its CEO, Randall L. Stephenson. AT&T may have killed off its $450 limited-time offer, but it rolled out something better with its new less expensive Family Share Plans. Further, calling AT&T’s deal a “bribe” is disingenuous, because that’s exactly what Legere is doing with the T-Mobile incentive package.

Still, it’s great that Legere is keeping the mobile industry on its toes. He’s shaking things up, and that’s a good thing.