T-Mobile Germany Must Sell iPhone Sans Contract

If you live in Germany or plan on moving there soon, you're going to want to kiss German Vodafone CEO Friedrich Joussen when you're there.  He and his company just obtained a court order that forces rival, T-Mobile, to sell iPhones without contract to those that want it.

“For its part, Vodafone -- which at one time was in the running for its own exclusive contract to sell iPhone to parts of Europe -- claims that it took the matter to court out of fears that other handset makers may follow Apple's example and begin tying their handsets to specific providers, further shredding the German wireless market.

Vodafone Germany chief executive Friedrich Joussen in a statement said his firm's goal is not to prevent sales of the device but rather allow for consumers to purchase iPhones without binding themselves to long-term agreements with any one carrier.

"We want it to be available to buyers without a mandatory calling plan," he said. "If I had wanted to halt sales, I could have, but I didn't."

A definitive ruling on the matter is expected within two weeks.”

Apple's tactic of finding exclusive retailers might have worked 5 years ago, but it certainly doesn't seem to be working these days.  Perhaps it is time to give up on the exclusive partner concept and just sell a decent product at a reasonable price?